Sermon Prep

So I was asked to preach again this Sunday and the text in the lectionary is “Doubting Thomas.” I’ve been letting the scripture stew in my brain over the past week and reading commentaries in an effort to discern where I needed to go with this sermon. Then I woke up this morning to the notification on my phone that it was the 50th anniversary of MLK’S  assassination. As I was reading an article on MLK, it struck me how powerful this parallel of life manifesting after death was, in the lives of both MLK and Jesus. Jesus returned to his disciples resurrected, but not without the violent wounds of his life and death still marking his body. Martin Luther King Jr. lives on as an icon and inspiration to all of us seeking peace, unity, and real racial reconciliation ( not white conformity) but never outside of the fact that a deeply violent act perpetrated by our still deeply broken society is what took him away from us. So as I continue to think through my sermon I offer up that connection as food for thought. How do we sit with this idea that hope, grace, Resurrection, and reconciliation are not fairy tale lands where everything is perfect, but possibly a place where we have the strength to face the wounds we have both perpetrated upon others and wear on our own skin?

Here is an episode from the podcast Harry Potter and the Sacred Text on book 1, chapter 12: The Mirror of Erised. It uses White Privilege as its lens in which to read this chapter. I don’t agree with everything expressed in this episode but it does combine two of my favorite things- Harry Potter and open honest conversations about race. I offer it as potential conduit or starting off point for dialogue surrounding race, class, white privilege, and how we can be more aware of how it influences all of our lives.

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California girl who went to seminary in the South, found herself back in California wondering how she could better the world through any means possible and where to get some good BBQ.... so naturally she ended up in NYC.

4 thoughts on “Sermon Prep

  1. Looking forward to your next blog post; your ministry messages haev yet to disappoint. I’m a fan – keep up your good works!


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