Stay At Home Sabbath

The ideas of Sabbath and rest are concepts that we are all familiar with on some level, but now we find ourselves in an unfamiliar rhythm of life, and sabbath has very clearly been affected. I have asked many people how they are managing to rest in a time of what looks on the outsideContinue reading “Stay At Home Sabbath”

Being a Camp Counselor: Inhumane or in the Name of God? Summer 2018

  For two weeks this past July, I spent two weeks as a Leader/Counselor at Lazy W Ranch Camp. This is a camp that has been a part of my life and faith formation since the 3rd grade. Over a decades worth of hikes to the crosses, meal moments, campfire songs, and talent shows haveContinue reading “Being a Camp Counselor: Inhumane or in the Name of God? Summer 2018”

PSA: Pentecost and Feminism

This past Sunday was Pentecost, the day we remember and celebrate the Holy Spirit descending indiscriminately upon a crowd of friends, strangers, neighbors, and passersby. The idea being that all were included and that all were equal participants in the Holy Spirit. With that in mind, we chose to include in this Sunday’s worship aContinue reading “PSA: Pentecost and Feminism”