People over Profit

Sermon 6/2/19 Acts 16:16-34, John 17:20-26   Our scriptures today speak to two different realities… one speaks to the reality of the kin-dom of God, and the other to the kingdom of man. In the gospel of John we hear Jesus proclaim: “the glory that you have given me, so I have given them, so … Continue reading People over Profit

Temptation and Evil

When Pastor James asked me to preach today I asked, “okay, you’ll be doing the Lord’s Prayer sermon series around then right? Which verses are that Sunday?”… he said “Lead me not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” “Oh ok” I said… “the easy part…”   Those two words, temptation and evil, are so … Continue reading Temptation and Evil

Is God Near?

With this past week of General Conference and all the other struggles that come with being in a church I keep finding myself asking “Is God near?” Because when I sit by my garden, looking at the flowers, watching new green sprouts so full of potential shooting out of the dark soil, I know God … Continue reading Is God Near?